The MBC vision is aligned to the strategic intent-“To be a globally positioned player as a Public Service Broadcaster”-and which resides on 3 main axes (People/Content/Technology) & the audience being at the centre. While fulfilling its mandate – to inform, to educate and to entertain- the MBC like other Public Service Broadcasters is under increasing pressure to present superior quality content.

•The strong emergence of new video formats •The adoption rates of IP technology keep increasing •New ways of working thanks to the cloud •Increasingly “smart” tools based on AL technology

Keeping pace with the global trend, the local audio-visual landscape is changing shape, characterized with: •Telecommunications technologies changing rapidly.

•Competitors providing alternative ways to satisfy audience wants and needs, thus providing opportunities to catch a larger share of the advertising market.

•Availability of content on alternative multiplatform infrastructure.

•Consumers, who are now used to interactivity, decide where, when and what they want to see or hear, not the broadcasters.


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